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Quiz The Coach

Hey kids - got questions about fitness, gym class, injuries, pro athletes or anything else that's related to sports? Quiz the Coach - he's got answers to all your questions - on and off the field, court, rink and skate park!

Remember Kids: Coach gets a load of letters every day so it may take a while to reply to yours. Keep checking back for his reply, or watch for answered Coach questions that are similar to your own.

Quiz the Coach :: Cheerleader Choices

Quiz the Coach :: Cheerleader Choices  

My friends last year and all throughout this year have wanted me to try out for cheerleading. They say that they can picture me as a cheerleader, and then my mom was trying to get me into cheerleading this summer. But I play softball.

Quiz the Coach :: PE Teacher Troubles

Quiz the Coach :: PE Teacher Troubles  

My gym teacher is like really mean! I HATE her! Like Friday, I was in gym and had to go to the bathroom really bad! She said no. I asked to go to the nurse. She said no. And I swear she slapped my face!

Quiz the Coach :: Ballet for the Ages

Quiz the Coach :: Ballet for the Ages  

I have been in ballet for nine years now. I have also been on pointe for two years. Pointe is when you are on your toes. But people are always telling me that it is a girly little frilly sport

Quiz the Coach :: Getting Into Sports

Quiz the Coach :: Getting Into Sports  

My BFF, Jackie, is super sporty. She loves to play baseball and basketball and watches our local hockey team, “the Sharks”. So anyway, a lotta times she talks to the boys about her latest baseball game.

Quiz the Coach :: Making the Track Team

Quiz the Coach :: Making the Track Team  

Making the track team is a fun and healthy thing to do at school. If you like to compete, you will enjoy going to track meets where you have a compare your results to other kids your age.

Quiz the Coach :: Dance Moves

Quiz the Coach :: Dance Moves  

Hi, just wondering, where can I find some moves for choreography? I’m the manager and choreographer and I need to know ASAP because we started the band ages ago.

Quiz The Coach: Hiding Your Scars

Quiz The Coach: Hiding Your Scars  

KiaraKid asks, I had to have Surgery on both of my legs so it left Scar Marks. The Scars are from the back of my knee down. I hate to wear anything that shows the back of my leg.

Quiz The Coach: Football Positions

Quiz The Coach: Football Positions  

I wanna try out for the Football Team at school. How do I know which position I should try for??

Quiz the Coach: Vegetarian Athletes

Quiz the Coach: Vegetarian Athletes  

My dad does not approve of me being a Vegetarian because Im a Soccer Player.

Quiz the Coach: Jump Over Your Fears


mintolover25 asks: I’ve just come back to horseback riding. I started when I was 5 and now I get scared to jump. What can I do about it?

Quiz the Coach: Getting Fit


lovebug asks the coach, How do I make myself more fit? Find out what advice and tips Coach has for getting fit!

Quiz The Coach: I'm A Softball Star


softball luver asks I play competitive softball (ASA). My friends, my teachers and my whole entire SCHOOL dont believe me because they all play rec

Yoga Made Easy & Fun!


If you’re a young yogi (someone who loves practicing yoga) or just want a way to exercise your body and relax, certified yoga instructor Candace Morano has some tips for you! Also be sure to check Candace out online at www.explorevidyayoga.com.

Read the Advice! Yoga Made Easy & Fun!

World’s Youngest Ironman


Hunter Lussi is the youngest Ironman Distance Finisher in the world. Two years ago, when he was just 13 years old, he broke an Ironman world record. Hard to believe this kid was, at one point, your average couch potato ...

Read the Advice! World’s Youngest Ironman

Sports Skills Are Life Skills


KidSport BC’s new campaign focuses on a simple message: Sports Skills Are Life Skills.

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