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Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battles :: Playstation / Dreamcast Game Review

You get to jump into the shoes of a powerful Jedi and kick some Trade Federation butt all over Naboo and back. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn are there as well...read more

Big Man, Big Money

What would you do with 117 million dollars? Maybe buy some new video games? 117 million dollars is how much money Shaquille O'Neal will be making to p...read more

Why Shaq Shoots Like Your Granny

So what's the deal with Shaq and his foul shooting?...read more

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 :: Playstation Game Review

Break out the boards and ready the thumbs, the bomb is back and Tony's better than ever. The newest Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 brings Tony and a crew of...read more
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The Oakland Raiders

They're winning, they've got the best looking cheerleaders, and they've got the NFL's toughest logo....read more
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Aaron Carter Biography

Nick Carter's lil' bro is all grown up and he's about to release his fourth album! Get the goods on the youngest Carter brother, Aaron....read more

The Simpsons Homer vs. Dignity

The Simpsons Homer vs. Dignity - Episode Review - Page 1...read more

Rodeo Superstitions

Rodeo Superstitions. Superstitions are everywhere - especially in sports. Sammy Sosa has a lucky bat and always talks to his goalposts. ...read more
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Darius Miles

Darius Miles Bios with facts about Darius Miles. Learn more at Kidzworld...read more
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Dixie Chicks Biography

The super vixens known as the Dixie Chicks have stomped new territory in the world of country music. Natalie, Martie and Emily blend fiddle and banjo ...read more

Backstreet Boys Black & Blue CD Review

Well the boys are back again with their new album Black & Blue. This will be the one that will either make them or break them....read more

Worms II Cheats

Can't get enough of Worms? Kidzworld has all the best cheats to make your Worms II adventure even better....read more
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Doom and Doom II Cheats

Doom I + II Cheats codes and tips for Doom I and Doom II. Check them out and pass the levels...read more

Why Double Zero is a Slam Dunkin' Hero

Michelle Snow is no flake on the basketball court. The University of Tennessee star can rebound, block shots, and now she's even dunking the ball....read more
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SSX Snowboarding PS2 Video Game Cheats

So do you love SSX Snowboarding, but spend most of the game face-down in the powder? No fears, Gary's got some cheats to help you conquer the c...read more
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