Homework Rant

Posted over 1 year ago by -KellinQuinnsAngel-

Dear Darling Diary,
Homework is too difficult. I propose that we don't get it anymore. Why? Because, doing work away from school is difficult, time wasting, and unfair.
Without the access to proper resources, doing homework at home is harder and takes up a lot more time. Quality of work would be much better if we were able to do the work at school where they provide us with what we need to find information.
Doing homework at home is a waste of time. We only get a few hours a day that we aren't in school; we should be able to make use of it for things we need to do like socialize and get exercise. Most school aged children have quite busy schedules and this extra time would create a more fit, energetic, socially conscious, and productive generation.
It is unfair that when we come home from school we have more work where as adults get to keep work at their jobs! Can't teach us enough in one day? That's not our problem!
Homework. The senseless idea.

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