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Posted about 1 year ago by AboveTheClouds

I have many minor phobias that aren't really that severe but i'll explain them individually.> some are just minute fears and not phobias v.v

Acrophobia- fear of heights
When i was young i would climb anything and fall off the things i climbed like trees or a bunk bed or monkey bars. However as i grew older i also developed the fear of heights and i began to notice how high i was climbing and thought of loads of scary possibilities that could happen to me and hurt me.
I can still climb trees and go on balconies but if its more than 4 stories high, the next thing you know i've passed out on the floor :D or running down some stairs to safe ground. ^-^

Brontophobia- Fear of thunder and lightning
When i was young i was scared of loud noises and thunder and the flashes of lightning on a stormy night. I would hide under the covers and bury myself under stuffed toys on my bed ;D
However as i grew older, it didn't really bother me that much anymore, Yay!

Claustrophobia- Fear of Confined spaces
It all started when i was quite young. I was one of those kids who was fascinated by things easily like going up and down the elevator :D
I would never get tired of it and found it exciting. ( for some apparent reason) But one day there was a black-out( a cutoff of electricity) and i was stuck in the elevator of course i panicked and screamed and cried and i was alone in a dark confined elevator. Then a couple minutes later some firemen opened the elevator door, luckily the elevator stopped at a floor and not in between, and they got me out. I've been scared of dark, confined spaces ever since ^-^

This blog is pretty long so i'll end it here i guess :D

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