Breathe Me

Posted 6 months ago by ahdshd

My decisions weren't helping, and neither were my thoughts. I was lost, in a world where things didn't cover up anything at all. I was lonely, almost and entirely left for loss. I didn't decide on my weaknesses, but others didn't believe me.

I hurt and lost myself, and no one was there to rescue me. I told them about my problem, but what do you think they did? NOTHING. They either didn't believe me, or just skipped over me and.. forgotten.

I broke, and my reputation locked me up, and I never came from a place where people actually cared about each other. But, that I think was a fairy tale that will never come true, because it never happened here. It was my wishbone, my true star, my uprising. My uprising led to sinking, and my fairy tale never had a sleeping beauty. It was judgmental and drowning, and all I wanted to do was walk away.

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