Rain on my parade

Posted over 1 year ago by AK47rd

Okay so today during recess I was playing football. Recess is the one time I get to play with my friends and ONLY my friends. This cry baby Jaa'len walks up to me. who cries over every little thing. Today he even cried because the teacher told him he could not go to the bathroom. It is just like grow up. Your in the freaken fourth grade. Never mind that. So he walks up and asks if he could play football. I am not the owner of the football but I am the owner's best friend. I say no to him because he told me to shut up and tells a lot of other people to do so too. In my class the S&U combo is a big no no. He goes and tells the teacher. She comes with Jaa'len who asks the owner. I cannot say anything because the teacher is there. The owner says yes. Once Jaa'len starts playing everyone that was around the teacher starts playing. I get left out cold. I walk away from the game. I was sad now because my recess was ruined and it was all because cry baby tattletale ghetto piece of trash Jaa'len Childs. I sat in the yellow tube for the rest of recess. Jaa'len was a rain on my parade.

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