The N@ked Brothers Band

Posted about 4 years ago by Alex3Wolff

Here is what happened with NBB. We didnt have enough episodes and the rest of the band wanted to go to school and all that stuff. So me and Nat went on 2 tours. After the tour we had a lot of new songs, so we went to L.A. and recorded all the songs. Now we have an album coming out soon. Also me and Nat started school. Me and Nat are also gonna be doing some actting. So now you know what happened to NBB! :)

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stylinck23 wrote:
2010-10-17 01:28:38 -0700

cool thanks 4 tellin us y !!

Alli245 wrote:
2010-10-16 14:08:17 -0700

oh i wish u were still 2gather


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