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This is just a random poem, and sorry if u don't like it.

The Stars Are My Teardrops

I lay in my bed, looking out the window, thinking
to my self... "When I cry, do my tears make the
moon come out?" and, "When I smile, do I make
the sun come out?" . I look out at the moon, and
wonder If I can make my self smile, or laugh, truly,
not just doing it, or faking it to see if the sun will come
out. I smile, a half smile, because I'm so tired, and
then, I see something shine. It shines brighter than all
the others do. It's a star. I cry, because the sun didn't
come out when I smiled, and then, a drip of star falls off.
I run outside to see if I can catch it, but I can't see anything
because it is very late in the night, but now, I can see better.
The star is falling slowly, so slow, I would have thought I was
standing out there for at least an hour. It burns my hand,
because it is so hot, but, I don't care. The star shined so brightly, just because I cried that one special night.

I will update this each month, and sorry, I re-read this, and I don't think I did very good, but, come back next month, for a hopefully better poem!!!

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