Life [sucks]

Posted almost 6 years ago by applepieo2g

Life does suck, or at least for me. My parents are divorcing, and my brother is taking my dads "Side". I'm stuck in the middle, covering my ears, trying to become the wall, or just melt onto the floor, with no traces of I being in their lives. I just wanna go, maybe walk for miles, walking to nowhere, just having blank thoughts. That would be a better life (which is sad, when you think about it). If you ever had your parents divorce, or your parents are divorcing, you might've felt this way, or simillar ways. If not, lucky you. You have two parents that stay with you, or don't have a care of anything bad. Lucky............ Lucky is a word that isn't in my head. When I think of lucky, I don't think of greatness, wierdly, I think of pathetic disney princesses. Well, thats all, because my life sucks, and suckish lives don't have greatness to them. So yeah, bye.

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Black_Knight_666 wrote:
2009-02-01 18:27:04 -0800

But you have to know that ur parents have ur best interests at heart! They just want you to be happy! THey will ALWAYS love u!

applepieo2g wrote:
2009-01-28 19:27:33 -0800

THnx. I guess a divorse isnt bad, but I'll miss my dad. Frown

LastTrainHome wrote:
2009-01-25 11:13:06 -0800

Sometime divorce is for the best, honestly. My parents devorced when I was 10, and sure, it hurt a lot at first, but after a while things looked up. I feel much happier at home without all the argueing now. Hang on in there.


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