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Posted over 2 years ago by Ayumi 'Boom' Gal

So, today is May the 9th 2012, and I am back from school. It was soooo annoying. My friend, who I should not mention unless she sees in future, was really sad just because our other friends sat on another table at lunch.
To be honest, they didn't see us and my friend said they ditched us. I went to their table and left my other friend because she was annoying me.
♥Now I am at home!

Being at home is awesome. I can do anything I want. Anythiiiiingg! ♥Heh!
I am so excited for Super Sunday footbaalll! Maan city must win versing QPR!♥ And if they don't, I do not blame them. But I want them to win seriously! (:
^-^ Mehehauy!!!
I am watching Sonny with a chance, the old episodes. Grady is funny. And Sonny is pretending to date him.
♥I watched TVD last night. It was amazing. Stefan and Elena danceedd. I thought his reaction saying 'I'd love that.' was adorables! Elena asked him and he said HE WOULD LOVE THAT! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Okay, I need to calm down now (:
=)I have recently ate spagetty! [How ever you spell it]
Yummy spices. I love Asian spices, they are so delicious and absoloutley scrummy! I can not live without them.
I ate KitKat and Icecream and drank orange squash. Yummai yummai ain mai tummai! :3
Super Sunday should be here fast. I can not wait for the Premier leauge to finish with Manchester City winning! They have to win, not draw! Or lose! I want them to win. WIN♥and'wantManchester city to loose because I hate them. I also hate arsenal. I think those two teams think they are awesome when they are not really. Liverpool is okay really! Andy Carrol is cute with his long hair. I miss Torres though, he was in Liverpool and went to Chelsea and LIVERPOOL fans booed at him because he got sold. Arsenal fans did the same to Samir Nasri just because he got sold to Man Amazing City♥
It is not the players fault, its the managers.

Anyway, I wrote about my day, and so much about football and a little bit of school'Gotta go!♥
Catch yyoouu lot readin' my blogs later.

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