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Posted almost 2 years ago by Beautiful_Lies

Hey guys it's Beautiful_lies here and i haven't been on in a dang long time! well, i finished my colorguard season.. didn't go on to the next because it was too much work and too time consuming. i'm 15 years old now instead of 13/14 when i joined! i'm still crazy and awesome lol that's never going to change. i'm 100% bisexual. I just became comfortable with myself and came out to my friends not too long ago and they totally supported me. i have a boyfriend of 8 months named bailey and a beautiful girlfriend named tailia of almost one month. i love them a lot. i'm almost 16 soon!! i'm getting an iphone4S soon and i'm gonna need some numbers! i love texting people and listening to music still. i'm still shy kinda sometimes. i get upset and stuff more often but i fight it with a smile.... i kinda miss my ex nicole it's hard but i get over every day i guess.. it is what it is. i love posting pictures on instagram. i'm always smiling in them basically. haha well thats it really, love you guys! from sabrina!

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