My first day of high school.

Posted over 4 years ago by Brizie97

Today was my first day of high school, I know, lots of you have started weeks ago, but in Spain high school starts today (15/09/10 or whatever the year is in that year) Okay, here it is:

(Today since it's the first day school starts later, at 11.00 am) I had to take the bus, because I live in a village that is 15 minutes by car (20 by bus because of the big curves) but, we had to go through lots of other villages picking up other kids, because there are such few kids out of the high school's village so it took 3 quarters of an hour! I almost vomited! I had to lie down on 2 seats! It all got better when some boy started poking me on the head saying: "¿Está muerta? ¿Está muerta?¿Está muerta?" Translation: "Is she dead? Is she dead? Is she dead?" that distracted me, but still, the bus ride was horrible! But now how the actual day was:

I went into the HUGE building, and saw all of the kids from that villages primary school - I spent one year there. One of them asked me: "¿Cómo está tu oreja?" Translation: "How's your ear?". At first I was like: "(Ugh?)" but then I remembered, he was in the class the year when that girl (not giving any names, she's actually a good person) was fooling around with scissors (dangerous, huh?) saying: "I'm gonna cut your hair!, I'm gonna cut your hair!", oh she cut something all right! She accidentally made a TINY cut on my ear! So I was: "¡Mejor!" Translation: "It's better!" And then, met up with the girls. We went into class, met our new teacher, who was okay. We didn't have ANY lessons, YAY FIRST DAY'S! And then, well, watched a few BOYS have a cat fight in the playground. Then had another 3 quarters of an hour drive home, that's all.

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