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Posted over 1 year ago by brunostar

Bam! High school's here, all 4 years. Here comes the butterflies, memories, laughs, then tears. Here one day, gone the next. Just like all the rest. Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior. None of this matters either. It's what you've obtained, the knowledge you've gained. It's about kissing in the rain. Staying out of drama and fights. Wearing socks under your slip-on nikes'. Keeping your friends, but never blending in. Doing your best, never wanting to quit. Flirting, without having to commit. It's about disgusting lunch food that looks fake, getting to class late. Its football games, and prom night, you and your parents always in some sort of fight. Its spring fling, and spirit week, Man, high school is so freakin' sweet. Bam! Here it is- you walk across the stage- diploma time, its over,

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