Mean Girls 2

Posted almost 4 years ago by carriefan98

I finished watching Mean Girls 2, bout 10 last night. IT WAS A FRICKIN AWESOME MOVIE!!!! I loved it. Today at school, I couldn't stop talking about it. Then on the way back from lunch, I thought that my friends, kinda acted like the girls from the movie. Here's a list
Me- Lead plastic / Mandi
L0VE_CATS- New girl/ Joe
Jojo30- germ-a-fobe plastic/Hope
Guest_33 - Dumb plastic/ Chassidy
Willis3000- Nice girl/ Abbey
We all act like them! It's weird.

4 of the Disney Stars where on the movie also. Here they are.
Harper from Wizards of Waverly/ Nice girl/ Abbey
Maci from JONAS/ germ freak plastic/ Hope
Maegan Martin form Camp Rock/ New girl/ Joe
Nina from Corey in the house/ Lead plastic/Mandi

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