What I hate part 4

Posted about 2 years ago by choco.luv

And the hating continues tonight we have.... well things that I hate wasn't it obvious? I'm just kidding xD: (sry if i repeat stuff by the way)

1. Druling ( I only do it sometimes in my sleep)
2. Girls that are so darn bossy!
3. People that try to control your life (it's my life bro, chill!)
4. People that copy you..... A LOT!
5. Strawberry ice cream
6. People that focus on you way to much
7. Bad "odors"
8. Still being hungry after I eat
9. Going to visit my cousin in NY (I only come to see my dad)
10. The fact that my mom won't buy me violent games and that she would flip if I was playing Mortal Kombat! Geez mom!
11. The fact that I cant swim
12. Fear!

Q: Do you do anything weird in your sleep? COMMENT.... PEACE!

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