The boy Named Darius

Posted about 2 years ago by cococrystals

There is this boy i really Hate He has braces and buck teeth and he has pimples all over his face.Everyone says he likes me because he always is trying tro talk to me, but i dont think he likes me.His name is Darius and he is just terrible and nasty if he had a better personality i probably would talk to him girl to boy but since he is disgusting and a totally jerk, I DONT THINK SO!
One time when i was going home from school (he lives by me) he came by the bus stop with me he was all like "you left meee!" and i was like "i never waited!" then i said out of no where "i need to pee!" then i screamed well go to the school and pee!" and he was like "no your ganna leave me!" then he went bhing the bus stop seat and started to pee in the grave,and i was like "why are you making me go threw this with you, WHY DO YOU NEED TO DO THAT HERE IN FROUNT OF ME!" then he took his bottle of water and washed his hands and said "ohh i need to get all this muck of my hands yuck!" then he washed it over the bus stop seat. and i felt so sad for the poor dead people in the grave and for the seat ands the people who will soon sit on it! as soon as the bus came i jeted all the way to the back it was halarious the way he kept trying to come closer to me and how i was running away from him seat from seat, and how all the kids and old people were starring at me!

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