Wednesday 10th April 2013

Posted over 1 year ago by cupcake1353

Hiya! OK, I'll tell you what me and BlueskyAva did last night...
Key: C= Cupcake1353 (me)
BSA= BlueskyAva (her)

When BSA got to my house, we went upstairs and played a funny game of mums and dads for a while. After we had played, we came downstairs and watched Wreck-It Ralph on TV. Then we had Spaghetti and Meatball for dinner. After that, we painted some pictures. We couldn't find two paint brushes, so we used cotten buds instead, and did Pointilism pictures. I did a panda, and BSA did a silly picture. Then we had a shower (seperately, of course!) and after the showers we played on the computor for a bit. Then we went to bed and stayed awake for ages talking and giggling!

I uploaded the paintings onto my pictures if you want to see them. The panda is mine, and the stupid face (Snotty Steve) is BSAs. I hope you enjoyed today's blog!

From Cupcake (and BlueskyAva!)

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