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nope, I just generally feel like I’ve been given next to no care what so ever, the next scan I will have is my 20 week scan, but that’s down to my midwife more than anything else because she was in charge of booking me in and I didn’t know when she had booked until I got the letter.

I just really do feel like when I was pregnant with Ethan I was a lot more looked after ect…
I literally feel abandoned by the health care system this time. xx

I am feeling pretty annoyed right now because I have literally had either a really stupid encounter or a bare minimum of health care during this pregnancy so far. at the beginning of this pregnancy I bled and had to go get an early scan before 12 weeks which also means I haven’t had a 12 week scan, I was 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant according to the scan I had, I was told at that scan that I was due on November 11th and then when I went to see a midwife she told me I am due on November 16th, but she seemed like a complete moron so to be honest I’m going with what the 2 doctors at the hospital said because they actually seemed to give a crap about me, they even stayed at work 30 minutes longer than they would of had to just so I could get there and make sure everything was okay. now I am 15, almost 16 weeks to my counting and I have just gone through my maternity papers to find that my midwife has written multiple wrong things into my papers and it isn’t a small thing she has gotten wrong, I am almost 2 weeks late on a midwife appointment and I am going to go because it’s what’s best but I feel like I just don’t want to because I am fed up. I went there during early pregnancy multiple times because I was concerned because I didn’t know how far along I was and when I went there after my scan I felt like everything was rushed through because nobody listened to me and now I just feel upset and rushed, which is the last thing you need when you’re pregnant, extra stress.

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