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Posted over 4 years ago by doubleohdinosaur

your heart beats at a steady pace, its been a while since i've seen that beautiful face. when i think of you, i cry and i think "i love you, too". your heart beat is music to my ears, i would love if it can be the last thing i hear. your heart stops beating in one sound, that was the end of your final round. if you love someone, they can feel it, just past the thought is where i sit. the way you looked at me that one last time. the way you stopped breathing just crossed the line. where you went is my next stop. i know where you went, i'll meet you at the top.

i feel special when i talk to the rain, i walk on glass just to feel the pain, the pain is not as strong as a heart break, but there are only 3 last breaths that i can take. as the bullet goes through my heart, i feel it ripping us apart. now i am dead, still feeling you, just as a bullet takes you down too.

the roses petals drop one by one, it only takes one silver bullet to get the job done. the love of your young life, has sorrow now, he still holds that single knife. the clock still ticks, but it will still take forever for this heart to fix. i love you, do you love me? our love will last eternity.

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