what a girl wants in a guy

Posted over 4 years ago by drae21

what a girl wants in a guy?(just middle school girls.)guys ask that many times.well middle school girls are hard to figure out its a weird time in our lifes.some girls want to be popular some want all the friends some want good grades.but almost all the girls in middle school wants the cutest sweetest best guy out there.a guy that knows you like the back of their hand.a guy that knows whats wrong and knows how to fix it.they want a prince charming to sweep them off their feet.some girl want a bad boy type or a intelligent type some maybe want dumb cute guy.but most want a guy who is smart sweet and cute i know i do.we always want a guy who can make a cake and eat it to.but one thing all middle school girls have in common is they all want a boyfriend aka bf aka arm candy!!!

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