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Posted almost 6 years ago by EvieNerd26

Nothing is happening the sad, boring life of the odd combination of nerd, emo and randomness, (i.e. me)
It's the weekend, though.
I went to sleep at five in the morning, so woke up at quarter past 12.
So it's sort of a half day.
I listened to my iPod so much my ears hurt a bit.
I normally spend a lot of the weekend of my laptop, but tomorrow I might go shopping, because I need to buy both a new school bag (my old one broke after a week!) a pair of school trousers, and I might also get some black nail varnish from Claires Acessories.

The problem is I haven't got any money.
Actually I think I might have ten quid (slang word for Pounds, which is english currency, in case if you're reading this and are not english) buried away somewhere.

But for now, I might just listen to the Ting Tings on my iPod a bit more and watch some staurday night TV (demons on ITV1, then casualty on BBC1), which by the way won't be as good as it can get until at least May or June.
And Doctor Who series 5 doesn't start for at least another year yet, which is a total outrage!!!!!

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djdamezz08 wrote:
2009-01-25 22:50:43 -0800

Yeah so unfair that David is leaving Doctor Who. Matt will never hold the memories. Demons! Poor gran. Why did she give blood to a vampire? (cry) Sorry.. Just a bit emotional. And the Ting Tings rule! Thats not my name! smile


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