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Posted over 1 year ago by Gingerkissx

I got back from my Science Trip a few days ago and it was alright.

I have to say I did not enjoy my shoe being destroyed by deep mud but yeah whatever.

I'm not like, afraid of being muddy or anything it was more the thought of being stuck in the mud or like sinking into the mud that freaked me out + there were these little tiny mud crabs too.

So yeah, first day and my shoe was destroyed and it was painful for the rest of the trip walking around in bare feet over shells and mud and stuff. Someone in my group let me borrow their diving shoes or something though so it was okay.

The feeling of being in the mud was kind of like being in really deep water where like your feet aren't touching the bottom and like I can't swim so that freaks me out too, I like knowing my feet are in a safe place xD

Also, I was so caught up in the fact that one of my shoes was broken and the other one was covered in mud and wouldn't even come off that I could hardly concentrate on the actual stuff we were doing.

My hair was in my face I couldn't even see and my hands were caked in mud. There were like 6 showers to go around 90 kids so I tried to stay as clean as I could.

Now that I'm back I have to write a summary of what we did and I can hardly remember and I'm really tired.

I also had to cram in all my Maths homework on Wednesday. we're allowed having two chances a year where we can just say chance and not get in trouble for doing no homework (why would the teacher even let us?) but I decided since I'd already done half I might as well finish it.

I really just needed to get this off my chest because idk.

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