don't read this lel.

Posted 11 months ago by GrandeSkittles

so hi. i haven't ever written one of these on this acc so here goes lel. i just want to say to all my friends i used to have on here, like my bestststststesststs friends in the world, if you're reading this, i hope you know who you are, bc i miss you & ily more than anything. and this place isn't the same with most of you guys. my bestest were catherine and lanya, but ofc friendships do end i guess, but i hope you guys read this and if you do I MISS YOU. briony and marissa and cordelia i love you guys and i miss ya tons. thOUGH I HIGHLY DOUBT YOU'LL READ THIS RATCHET THING. and sana i loVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK. asfa btw i love u okay, ok, k bye. okay guys this is pretty friggin cheesy lel don't read this.

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-WildCat wrote:
2014-03-16 03:39:15 -0700

aww i love you too. ♥
i wonder why i didn't see this blog before


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