10:00 at night... shouldnt i be asleep?

Posted over 4 years ago by greendaygurl

i just posted a whole bunch of billie joe armstrong pics. they are all so hot!!!!!! I am listening to your love is my drug by ke$ha. it reminds me of my bf, but ive never told anyone, becuz i dont like hip hop. or rap. or r&b. or country. or classical. i only like all forms of rack and metal. screamos okay, but i dont listen to it very often. and it would be kind of embarassing for to say that to him... witch im not going to do! lol
oh how to train your dragon was really cute. i liked it. I WANT A PET DRAGON!!! lol i asked my dad if hed get me one and he just looked at me like i was crazy. yea i get that alot. lol
its stopped raining and now its really clear outside, so i think im gonna open a window and go to bed.

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