FRIDAY! What we were waiting for!

Posted over 6 years ago by hatlady117

It's Friday. Tomorrow's Saturday! Glad to know I still got it. anyway today was broing. i haven't done anything. gee, i mean i still have to take a shower and vaccuum! And for some reason my brother turned ont he AC and so it was like a freezing Tundra inside and like soooo nice outside. Nice and warm. Prolly 80. And so i had on my Favorite Chip'N Dale PJ Pants (also for Basketball) and then i went outside to get the mail and i was like burning up. AHh. so I changed. Finally. Oh by the way with the Basketball thing, instead of wearing sweats, we wear like those fleece (i think. oh idk what they call it) PJ pants instead. So the A-Team walks in with PJ bottoms (with shorts underneath) and the top Jerseys. tho it would be cool to have those and then you know the pants that u can rip off? yeah those two pants combined, that would be awesome. Seriously awesome. Well not awesome... Cuz that reminds me of a sermon like 3 months ago that was about the word awesome. But i will not preach that story right now. But i may have saved that sermon as i read along...... no, no i didn't. that was a guest preacher. okay so nvm. Oh by the way, If you wondering , well obviously u were, about that, I am Lutheran. It's a "TYPE" of christianity. Evangelical. too. Cuz for some reason there are like 2 dif. types of lutheranism too. which doesn't make sense.... but. Moving on out of that subject.... Tomorrow being Saturday, I will have one again, nothing to do. Except keep working on that birthday card and PACKING! Because, now sing with me here!, THERE'S ONLY 8 DAYS LEFT until i leave. woooo. Up North. To Northern, northern WI! Well not like at the tip, but like, well nvm. Northern WI.
AND ITS A SIX HOUR DRIVE! but thats like the most fun part. i guess u have to be part of us to understand but, whatever. So thanks (pretty sure. If i ever get readers) and see ya

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