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Posted over 5 years ago by Honeystar16

Ok, if you're reading this then you've possibly read my profile. And if you've read my profile then you've seen pictures of my share pony Star and my loan pony Honey. (Honey has the lighter- flaxen- mane, Star is darker and has a darker mane.)

Recently we had some.... well...... I suppose you might call it bad, but not exactly bad. Star's current owner Hannah has decided to sell Star. And now you're all thinking, this sounds like bad news full stop. That's what I thought- at first. When my Mum told me this morning that Hannah wanted to sell Star to us I was overwhelmed with joy! It never occurred to me that Star wasn't the perfect pony and there was no way we could afford him. When mum said that we couldn't buy him, I understood why. We had started doing Honey not long ago because star was such a handful. I still love him though. So Hannah had to sell him on to someone else. I had to spend most of the day trying not to cry until...

We drove up the long bumpy lane that lead to marsh farm stables as Hannah came walking down. When she saw us she waved and bravely put on a happy face. Mum spoke to her and it was clear by Hannahs voice that she had been crying. It only just hit me that Star was Hannah's baby and she loved him more than anything, I felt so selfish. She began to talk to us about who was buying him and that he was going to be staying at the yard! Yay!!!

I walked over to Star in the field and cuddled him. (And sneakily cut a bit of his mane to weave into a horsehair bracelet later)

After dropping Hannah off we drove up to see Honey, my beautiful welsh loan pony. I walked into the stable and started to groom her whilst Mum sat down. I hugged Honey tight. "I still have you" I said, "And I wouldn't trade you for anything, your the perfect pony."

And Honey was a real superstar! I did lots of cantering on her and her paces were lovely!! I gave her lots of hugs and loads of digestive biscuits (her favorite treat) and then lead her around without a headcollar or any tack- she just followed me because I fooled her into thinking I had a biscuit in my hand!!!

And as for Hannah? She'd been having money problems so selling Star was good for her and him. Me and Mum both agreed she was best off working at the yard and helping out with the ponies where she was happiest- and she'd still get to be with Star! For the next 5 months Hannah still owns him, then his new owner will decide whether or not they want to buy him.

Sorry for the essay, but long story short- well... read the title!!

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