The mysterious case of the Fox poo...

Posted almost 4 years ago by Horsey Gal

This morning my twin sis and I took our dog on a walk to the woods- after breakfast OF COURSE!!! we wanted to go on the swing that was there, but when we got there, the swing was caught on a branch. We REALLY wanted to go on the swing so we found this HHHHUUUUGGGGGEEEE stick-slash-logish thing with a y-shaped part and we were going to hook around the rope. In the end we were covered in mud and a felt like I was having a heart-attack, because I had climbed the tree, lost my footing and, for awhile, was hanging-slash-dangaling-slash-holding on to the tree for dear life!!! So in the end we went back home, but on the way out I give Rambo (our dog) a treat, was then I realised that he STUNK LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Fox poo... But, the thing is, we didn't actually SEE the fox poo but we knew he had rolled in it.
So that's the mysterious case of the fox poo...
P.S when we got home he crawled into his bed and went to sleep, but then, IN HIS SLEEP!!!! he started to quietly bark. It was soooooo cute- he was having doggy dreams!!!!!
Luv ya Rambo!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡!¡ Xx

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