My sorta cruddy day.

Posted over 4 years ago by iBump iSet iSpike

omg, ok so my day started out with me waking up @ 6:30 in the am!! Dued, i kno i've done that since the begening of school, but im still not used to it! Then I was late for the bus, and my bus driver was mad at me. Uhg, then I got to school, it was ok, but i was so flippin' bored! Then I went to my babysitter's house (you might think having a babysitter is stupid, but at her house, it's not), we had an easter egg hunt, really fun, then I went to v-ball practice, my mom (coach), got onto me for talking to my friend, Brehyn. Ummm. Then I started posting so, yeah. Thanks for readin'!

iBump iSet iSpike.

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