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First blog post = Wootness. Anyways, I'm making a YouTube minifilm series with my friends. I'm putting quite a lot of time into it with writing the scripts and all, and I'll hopefully get something filmed this summer. Anyways, here's the current script for the episode 'Easy Button Mishap'. JSYK, J = John, P = Peyton, A = Amanda, Amb = Amanda. I think Peyton will be replaced with my friend Ryan because Peyton moved, but I'll change that later.

Episode 2
Easy Button Mishap
Scene 1
Location: In court

[Man with no head writes on board - interpreter reads board]
Interpreter: I was walking by McDelli's when out of nowhere, I heard an odd voice. Then my head just flew off and I ended up in the hospital!
J: Look!!! I Diddnt know the easy button had that much power!
Judge: ORDER!! [bangs gavel] You have the right to remain silent...
[John stares in anger - headless man writes on board again]
Interpreter: I know this may all sound weird, but I believe this young man made this happen!
[headless man points in the wrong direction - interpreter moves arm to right direction]
Judge: ORDER!! I believe we have enough evidence. Send this child to a Juvenile Delinquent's Center!
[John gets handcuffed and dragged away - fades out]

Scene 2
Location: walking out of a fast food restaurant
 [Fades in with words centered near the bottom on screen: 1 week earlier...]

P: Hey, look at that!
[Peyton points at sign]
J: Hmmm... "Please do not use the easy button for evil. For further information, see back." Hah, whats THAT supposed to mean?
P: Not sure... Hey lets ask Amber!
J: Yeah like SHE might know what this is about.
[Peyton walk over to Amber]
P: Hey Amber, c'mere and tell us what you think this sign means.
Amb: Ok!
J: Ok so heres what it says - "Please do not use the Easy Button for evil. For further information, see back."
Amb: Well read the back!
J: "The easy button has been able to grant wishes for centuries. People recently realised this great power and have tried to harness it. No one knows how to use this great magic, though many have tried."
Amb: Hmmm... hey look! Theres an easy button!
[John runs and picks up easy button]
J: Hmmm... I wonder...
[Amber and Peyton look confused]
J: Oh magical easy button! I wish I had supersnot!!
[John touches easy button. Note: make it look like you pressed it so it doesn't have a sound]
Amb: Did anything happen?
J: I dunno...
[John sneezes - passerby's head flies off]
J: Uhhh... what just happened?
P: I dont even know... I think you just made that dudes head fly off...
Amb: Woah...
[John smiles and presses easy button]
[Amber stares off screen at headless man]
J: Hey uhhh, you dont think I'm gonna get sued or anything, right?
P: Well...
P: Good luck in court...
[John has worried look]

Scene 3
Location: In the woods

[Centered near the bottom on screen: 2 Years Later]
[John running through the woods - John trips over log/rock]
J: AHHHH!!!!
[John rolls forward]
J: Awww man that hurt... Hey... WHERES THE EASY BUTTON!?
[Amber and Peyton indistinctly talking in the background]
Amb: Hey who's that?
P: I dunno... Wait is that... JOHN?!
J: Yeah I can hear you!! I think I broke my leg when I tripped over this log!!
P: You ok?
J: Do I LOOK Ok?
[Amber and Peyton run over to John during boldfaced lines]
-After Peyton and Amber walk over-
J: Hey man I lo-
P: Ok first, how did you trip, and what are you doing out here?
J: Well, after some random dude tried to sell me watches as I got out of juvy- you know, for blowing that dudes head off- I was tryin' to stay away from him and he started CHASING me, and after I ran off into the woods to avoid him, I tripped over that log, then I heard you guys talking and hoped you noticed me over here. Oh and as I was saying earler, I lost the easy button!!
Amb: The same one that GOT you in Juvy!?
P: Hey, whats that over there?
[Peyton runs to pick up red button]
[John rushes to easy button]
J: It IS the easy button!!!
Amb: No way!
J: Lets see if this baby still works!
P: Now, wait a second... Are you SURE you wanna do this? I mean you COULD wind up in jail again...
J: Correction - JUVY. Not jail. Theres a difference.
P: Whatever... Just think this through this time!
J: Fine, whatever.
[John takes deep breath]
J: Oh magical easy button... I have returned to seek my wish!
[John pushes easy button - Magical Fairy of the Easy Button appears]
A: Hello! I am the Magical Fairy of the Easy Button! It seems that you have made a wish before, am I right?
J: Well, yeah... Why?
A: Oh you silly human- You can only make one wish!
J: Wah....
[Fairy chuckles]
A: You have already made one wish many days ago!
J: Yeah, about 2 years ago... So why cant I make another wish?
A: Well you see, the magic of the easy button was so great, that the creators put a seal on it so that whoever used the power once, would not be able to use it again! If they COULD use it again, they might try to rule the world. That just wouldnt work out now, would it?
J: I guess not... Hey uhhh... you wouldnt mind, y'know, telling me something?
A: Well,  what would you wish to know?
[Fairy chuckles]
A: I came from inside the easy button! It IS magical, remember?
J: Riiiiiight.... So uh, can I go home and get some chili?
A: Ehhh ok. Hey can I come too? I love chili!
J: Sure you can come. Oh but just do NOT fly around or whatever. Mom'll be mad.
A: As you... [giggles] wish...
Scene 4
Location: Inside eating chili
J: Ok fairy thing, stay here!
A: Easy Button Fairy.
J: Oh whatever.
[John goes into kitchen]
J: Ok lets see... where is it.. Ah! There it is. Chili... Yum...
[John goes back into living room]
J: Ok heres some chili.
[John sets chili on table - fairy's face falls into chili]
J: What the... Ok, yeah well uh, I'm gonna go get Amber and Peyton. Just stay put!
A: Im not a pet you know.
J: Whatever just stay there.
[John walks outside and comes in with Amber and Peyton]
Amb: So thats really what happened?
J: Yeah weird story I know. I barely even believe it myself!
P: Weird...
J: Diddnt I just say that?
P: No, not weird story. Weird... THAT!
[Peyton points at fairy]
J: Oh that?
A: Im a GIRL...
J: Thats just the Easy Button Fairy.
Amb: Easy button fairy?
J: Dont ask.
Amb: Whatever. How'd it-
Amb: How'd SHE get here?
A: Well, when this human-
J: And I happen to be a BOY.
A: Oh whatever. Well when he made a wish on this easy button 2 years ago, the wish was granted. Although now, since he has already made a wish, I have come out of the easy button to let him know.
John whispering to Amanda: Which I STILL dont get...
A: You will get it soon enough.
J: Ok can we just forget this? Hey wait... Peyton hasnt made a wish... Hey Peyton!
P: Yeah?
J: Hey do this for me.
P: Ok what?
J: Say 'I wish the Easy Button Fairy was gone and none of this ever happened.'
P: Ok... I wish the Easy Button Fairy was gone and none of this ever happened.
J: Now press this easy button!
[John hands Peyton EB - Peyton fake-presses]
A: Your wish has been granted.
[Easy button fairy dissapears - Peyton presses EB]
Easy Button: That was easy.

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