All About Me (I don't even know if anybody reads my blogs)

Posted over 1 year ago by Kaykaysgonecraycray

Hello, people of kidzworld! I am extremely bored right now so I decided to share my "oh-so-secret" life. Well... I was born with pulmonary valve stenosis, which is when your heart doesn't pump blood in the right direction. I had a risk of dying, but as you can see, I am alive. I was born on February 12, 2001, and I was brought home on Valentines Day. I've always been alone... But that's okay. I love myself, and it doesn't matter if anyone else loves me or not. And yes, even if I'm a little emo, I do have a crush, (Don't ask) and I do have a few friends. I have two brothers: Cody, who is 18, and Andrew, who is 9. Andrew has a kidzworld, and if you're friends with me, you might want to friend him. His username is glob22. I have two dogs: Zeke and Lacie. They are both Yorkies. Well here are some of my favorites:

Color(s): Blood red, dove white, jet black, midnight blue, neon green, and royal purple.
Song: Stand In The Rain ~ Laura Story
Instrument(s): Piano and the acoustic guitar.
Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing video games, annoying my little brother, being random, partying, and watching TV.
TV show(s): Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Victorious, and Good Luck Charlie.
Soda(s): Cheerwine, Dr. Pepper, Coke, 7up, and Cream Soda.
Book(s): Where The Red Fern Grows, Road To Tater Hill, and Olive's Ocean.
Game(s): Happy Wheels, Minecraft, Call Of Duty Black Ops, COD: Nazi Zombies, Dog Island, Sims 2 Pets, Sims 2 Castaway, and Drawn To Life.

I guess that's enough about me. If you want to know more, (Although i doubt it) then you can simply ask me.

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