My fave children's books

Posted over 1 year ago by kelseyiscool

1. Hunger games. I haven't read it, but I no its gonna b good just becuz I saw the movie.

2. Harry potter. I just wanted 2 read it 4 hours and hours!!!

3. The name of this book is secret. It's got a weird name, but it's really good!!!

4. The city of ember by Jeanne duprau. I think I spelled the last name wrong. This book is my favorite battle of the books book.

5. The miraculous journey of Edward Toulane. Some parts r sad and some r happy.

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pinkrockgirl wrote:
2013-03-31 07:42:35 -0700

I never read Hunger Games before i bet it is good though! I like detective and mystery books and some fantasy Big Grin


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