The Last day of school

Posted over 1 year ago by kobrains478

Well today was the last day of school.First when I got in to school all I did was read.My teacher told us to clean out our desk and we put shaving cream on them.We spread them around and answered questions.We finally got to rub it off.As the day went on we read Holes and got to watch Up.I fell asleep.Afterwards we went to get our lunch.All we got was P.B.J. and apples.When we were finished with that we had our double recess.I played with bubles and kinda had to deal with girl problems.Well when we went inside we had to finish Holes.Following we had to praise the very people that teased us.That's right 5th graders.We told them that we weren't going to miss them and we said thank you and that we would be replacing them.When we got back into the classroom we got a little out of hand and my teachers read our advice sticky notes.When my teacher got us calmed down and mostly everyone left the five to six people left played Simon says.I won once.When I was leaving all of the teachers were smiling and happier than ever.They smiled more than ever.I am so sad and happy at the same time( mixed feelings).Well it would appear that I would go back in 5th grade.I also got my report card and I am going to continue with the gifted program.Well please add me!

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