Me Again!

Posted almost 2 years ago by lightshadow


KW crashed when I tried to upload my GIF earlier, so I'll try again but I'm not getting my hope's up. Anyways, my mouse has ran out of battery, luckily I A. Have a built in mouse pad on my laptop and B. I have batteries(I think). I'm going to watch the livestream EA later! I missed because I was at a meeting yes a 12 year old have meetings, and thats my real age BTW coz people say their one age but their really another. Anyways back on topic, I'm part of a group called YCE (google it) and we're orgenising something epic for a chairity called Crossroads Care (again goolge it) and its fun!!!

Bye For now,


P.S Should I come up with a cool sign out for these blogs? Cause that'd be coolio!

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