what im doinq

Posted almost 5 years ago by liliah

juzt here in tech class.super duper my shirt lookz hella ugly tewday hehe ugh gt avid next hope we work o our drawinqz lol im drawn a hobo LMAO haha nd i hope in qym weh gt dat dum sub again..hehe he didnt evn kno meh nd flor were in hiz class..yay den after dat iz soccer tryoutz dey were so fun yesterday i hope i make da team lol

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junior mod
GawjussGracieex wrote:
2010-03-19 03:00:48 -0700

What are you doinq?
I think you'll find it's what are you doing*
It doesnt look cool, it really doesnt.

AR9984359_1427424 wrote:
2010-03-17 06:09:47 -0700



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