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Be witty. A truly charismatic person should be able to make people laugh without trying too hard. Part of being a person who everyone wants to be around is engaging a group of people in laugher and jokes. You should be able to charm people with your sense of humor. Here's how to do it:
Learn to laugh at yourself. If you learn to poke fun at yourself, people will be charmed at how confident you are and will be more comfortable around you. You don't have to be self-deprecating to show that you're aware of your flaws, and to let people join in on laughing at them. Being able to pull this off is a sign of having true charisma.
Learn to joke around with a variety of people. You should be attuned to the sense of humor of the person or group of people you're talking to. If you're talking to people with a raunchy or slightly offensive sense of humor, don't be afraid to play ball. However, if you're around an older or more sensitive crowd, then tone down your humor and stick to short and inoffensive jokes. When you're with a new person, be conservative at first. You don't want to risk offending or turning a person off with an inappropriate joke.
Don't try too hard to be funny. You don't have to make a joke every five seconds to be a witty person. The well-timed joke can go a long way. Value quality over quantity, and focus on making just a few jokes over the course of a conversation.
Learn to tease people. If you're comfortable with someone and are already on your way to charming them, you can learn to joke around by teasing that person a little bit. This can bring you closer to the person and can show that you don't take anything too seriously. Just make sure it's a person who is amenable to your jokes.

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