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Be engaging. To be truly charismatic, you need to be able to not only impress, charm, and listen to a group of people, but you should be a person who is good at engaging others and always has something interesting to say, so people will naturally gravitate toward you. Here's how you do it:
Be versatile. A truly charismatic person should be able to speak to a variety of people about a variety of topics. You should be well-read, read the newspaper every day, and have a variety of interests, such as foreign languages or modern art, so you can discuss these topics with anyone.
You can work on being well-rounded and knowing a little bit about politics, history, science, and literature, so you can tailor the conversation to the individual you're speaking to.
Think before you speak. Reduce the fluff and filler material in your daily communications. Try to make every word count, and think about how you're going to phrase something before you open your mouth. If you don't have something important to say, remain silent. It may seem surprising, but limiting the amount you talk will make what you have to say more interesting.
Get in touch with your emotions. Research has shown that people who are generally believed to be charismatic feel emotions strongly, and they are also able to relate to what others are feeling. Don't be afraid to feel anger, pain, sadness, or elation, and don't be afraid to communicate your emotions in an appropriate manner.
Put it all out there. People tend to hide thoughts and feelings from each other without any bad intentions, but everyone warms up to someone who is totally honest without being awkward or weird. If you can communicate honestly and help people open up, you'll be on your way to being charming. Of course, there are a few exceptions; don't say anything that will make people feel uncomfortable or want to back away from you.

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