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The Pistons are playing the waiting game with Will Bynum so they don't get in a situation where they are bidding against themselves. All indications point to the team matching any reasonable offer. [DFP]

In his latest mailbag, Keith Langlois explores the possible teams that would be interested in trading for Richard Hamilton. [Pistons]

Despite an impressive rookie season, the Pistons feel like Jonas Jerebko can improve in several areas while participating on the team's Summer League squad. [DFP]

Dan Feldman takes an in-depth look at Brendan Haywood. As you might imagine, Feldman feels that Haywood will likely be out of the Detroit's price range. [Piston Powered]

Joe Dumars has emphatically denied interest in the position, but Rob Parker explains why New Jersey was interested in the Pistons general manager's services. [ESPN]

Dave Pemberton of the Oakland reminds us that even though Joe Dumars has made his fair of mistakes as the Pistons GM, the team would be hard-pressed to find a equal replacement. [Piston Point]

Terrico wasn't a bad pick at No. 36, but he wasn't the right pick for the Pistons. Dan Feldman points out that White has much more trouble getting to the free throw line than he should with his physical attributes. [Piston Powered]

Some of the more hotly discussed contracts handed out in free agency have been the deals signed by former Pistons Amir Johnson and Darko Milicic. Vincent Goodwill says these deals have set the early tone for over-spending this offseason, but could help Richard Hamilton's contract look attractive to another team when everything shakes out.

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