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Part 1.

Posted almost 5 years ago by MentalMariam

"Connor Wake up!Connor Wake up!Connor Wake up!
"Ugh," I thought, "I hate this stupid alarm clock."

I rolled over in bed and pressed the Snooze button on the alarm clock.

Another morning.Another day.Another School day.Sigh.

I hate school, if you haven't noticed.It's a load of crap.I have 2 friends.Everyone thinks I'm weird, teachers included.Most people avoid me, and if they don't, they make fun of my brown, shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

I sat up in bed and waited for my eyes to focus.When they did, I looked over at the clock.6:09.Hmmph.

"Connor, Are you awake?!" Mom yelled.

I jumped up off the bed, put my batman slippers on and opened the door to my room.

"Yeaaah!" I yelled back.

"You've got 1 hour to get showered and dressed.If you're not by then, I'm leaving without you and you'll have to walk!"

"That's Nice!" I wanted to say, but she didn't enjoy my wonderful sarcasm, so I said "Kay." and headed for the shower.

An hour later I was in the car with Mom, riding to school.


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XxStephiePiexX wrote:
2010-02-27 03:47:57 -0800

It's a bit short, but good job ^.^

MentalMariam wrote:
2010-02-08 08:35:22 -0800

Don't even dare think about stealin it...just sayin'..

twilight saga fan 1
twilight saga fan 1 wrote:
2010-01-30 09:34:11 -0800

hey this is a good start for a story

Teh_Skittlez wrote:
2010-01-30 06:17:27 -0800

It's posted now.


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