Similar Minecraft Apps!

Posted over 1 year ago by minecraftfan123

If you want minecraft, but your parents won't buy minecraft pe, why don't you try these other apps? Its almost the same as minecraft. And here it is!

1. Survival Craft: $3.99
VERY similar to minecraft, only more realistic. The only thing thats not realistic is werewolves. Oh, but the only not good thing is animals randomly attacking you when your trying to get somewhere but you can change that in the settings.

2. Block Story: $1.98
This one is cool because you can level up your character to make it stronger. Same objective as minecraft and survival craft, but, yeah.

3. Blockworld: $4.99
I really like this one because the water looks so realistic. And you can turn on ghost mode to go through blocks! OMG!

4. Blockworld 2D: $1.99
This is the same as blockworld but in 2d. Best if your phone or tablet can't really take 3D. Also cheaper than 3d but I recommend 3D.

5. Eden: $0.99 (For iOS only)
Eden is pretty cool. However, It only has creative mode. And umm, no offence Eden Creators, but the mobs look like they were designed by a 5 year old. But It's still pretty good.

Thats all today I will update soon. (Plz appriceate cuz i spent my money on to the apps because the apps are not free.

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