Drama Queens

Posted over 5 years ago by Mkdgreen

i don`t like them wanna be`s that make a big deal out of evary thing and get credit for it that`s so unfair and get their way about it 2 and they hate on you for hating them it`s so stupid but you`d think it was cool at first but it starts 2 get old and on everybody`s nerve and you all mad cause everyone`s on their side and it bothers you 2 death but you can`t do any thing about it but either snitch or let it get 2 you but i would deal with it cause i`m that kind of grab it and go person and leave it alone in a long run so it doesn`t bother me none but i don`t wanna see my besties get hurt cause of the rumor or the lie that`s over their heads and it kills them inside and you 2 but you back away from the drama so you don`t get hurt and if you feel that way then you handle it the way you would so you`d be a good friend and not a bad one cause it shows how much you care about them and are gonna be there for them in the future and you`ll happy about it and feel like you`ve done a good job as a friend.

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Mkdgreen wrote:
2009-08-27 09:51:03 -0700

you rock momo


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