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Posted almost 2 years ago by Mlp ruler rocker

Hey so I figured it would be 39,so the week is over,and my teacher didn't come to school this week,'cuz her brother is on the behalf of his...death.A substitute filled in for her,and she gives out points and removes points.So,I got some bubbles(it was in a ice cream cone;weird),but good thing the cone was fake. Since I heard my name called first,I walked up and the substitute peer into a bag and tapped the bag and said,"Here.You can pick your prize in this bag. I slowly tipped my head in and picked the bubbles. I didn't know exactly why I had to pick it,so I thought I made it to 10 points.The others got cool stuff too,like blink lights or those candy flashlights about the animal(or object). So I thank you once again for reading.

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