Next day of boy trouble

Posted almost 5 years ago by mylifeof_boytrouble

"Hello,all",okay so today im totally up and energized.Ima go to the movie theatures or maybe skating l8ter.Watching your older sister and younger brother paint is a pain in the neck.I mean hello,you guys cant paint a dog for christ sakes! Well i was gonna go and see Alice and wonderland but my older sister just cant understand the meaning of "puttting on something other than pjs!"Life is not suit 4 me right now .Its just boring and stupid.My little sister keeps bugging me on what ima get her for her birthday."Taje what are you gonna get me?A bike,a cellphone,some earing,a barbie doll?"ima like"No i aint gonna get you anything if you keep asking " but i am some earing will be nice bc she looses all of hers anyways.Im thinking about my crush right now.I mean what might he be doing this very secong.Playing video games or maybe hanging out at the mall sk8tboarding.I guess hes that type of guy but hes in newspaper club.Maybe he wants to be a journalist when her grows up if i spelt that right.I want to be a doctor,a hero is what i think of doctors.They save lifes and that comes frim the heart.Well ima make another post l8ter 2 tell u how the rest of my day will turn out.I mean maybe just maybe my crush might be @the movie theatures 2."i wish he will"!!!

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