Phone Dummies

Posted over 5 years ago by Najah101

do you know whats so funny OK so one time i was in the mall and i was like walking and stuff so then i see all these people with there phones out. like there texting or something so anyway i saw this dude with the apple touch phone write so it looked like he was texting i took a quick peek at wat he was doing and then all he was doing was actually nothing. he was like a total show off. so then i was sitting somewhere and there was 2 girls right sitting right next to each other texting each other it was stupid but smart and cool.

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nini98_1271408 wrote:
2009-08-03 04:19:03 -0700

okay cool
texting from close is actually a good way to keep a conversation private or maybe they were texting other people.
and the guy might have been texting or looking at something and he closed the whatever page he was on because you were looking


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