One Direction Infection

Posted over 1 year ago by niallhoranlover23

Ok so here is the deal. Some of you guys may not know how AWESOME One Direction is. So I am going to tell you about it. One Direction is one of the greatest things that has happend to me and many others over the world. It started out with a band group picture. Then since I didn't have the cd right then so I listend to it on YouTube. Then it went to the memorizing the songs. Then here came the awesome part were you become a directioner. You become OBSESSED with them. I mean litteratly OBSESSED! You start hanging a whole bunch of posters and quotes that are of the boys and said by them. Then when you see that One Direction is touring in your city you will have to get tickets. (duh). Oh and FYI you arnt considered at directioner just because you know the lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful. So you can't just know that song. So yah. After you get tickets you will be dying to meet them. But until you can you drool over the YouTube videos you watch. And that is kind of the process. So yah I will be posting other stuff so keep reading!!
- Niall Horan (1D)
P.S. The boys names are in alphabetical order, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn!!!

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