To All the Broken Hearted Girls

Posted over 1 year ago by nmuninzo

every girl has been through this. every girl has fallen in deep love that makes your heart freeze in time as you see or feel his soft face. once he says the words “it’s over” or “I’m breaking up with you”, you feel as if your whole world has been destroyed. you stay in a dark place and stay all alone as no one sees the agony you’re feeling. you ask yourself “do they notice and don’t care or do they just don’t care enough to notice you?” but the most painful thing to realize is… I can’t believe the boy who I once loved threw my love away and burned it right in front of my face without a single care in the world. after that, you begin to wonder if he’ll ever love you again and want to be with you. and you start over thinking of how to get him back, but in the end you’ll think “why did I go through all this pain and change myself for a guy who doesn’t even love me.”… I was so stupid i should have never changed my look just to get a guy who only cares about Big boobs and butts. i could find someone who loves me for me and forever.

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