Posted over 3 years ago by nukkybabysmiley

my fav subject is haterz cuz theres so much to say about them

I swear that i am the greatest, my name stays in your mouth, i must be important to you, i feel so famous, because im always the main topic of discussion, always in your topics, i feel like im whats popping, your talk just makes me famous, so keep on talking i wont tell you to stop it

I can deal with it, lets get real with this, theres always going to be someone thats going to bring us down, what dont kill me only makes me stronger, so im not sure how long this will perlonger, but im not insecure because i let people say what they say, and think what they think, they just mad because ima be something that they wont be or cant

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lildiva188 wrote:
2011-04-29 11:53:43 -0700

tell off girl im not a hater nae but its all love u still my big si$ Big Grin


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