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Posted over 5 years ago by Peanut0998

This week, I went on vacation to Maine from my hometown of New Jersey. We drove and I went with my 2 cousins. It was about a 9 hour drive. Long, right? Try going 9 hours sitting next to my cousin. He's 8 and very annoying, but he's good for some things, like playing tricks on. Anyway, we got there at about 9 o' clock that night. We ate soup and went to bed. My grandparents came, too. We stayed in my great- grandparents house, but they died a few years ago, now it's my 2nd cousins house. We swam and went to a beach and a park. At the park, we went on these things that spin around and around. I got really sick. We were there for a week and today we came home at about 12 o' clock. Well, i gtg. Bye!! :)

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