I Need Help Please!!

Posted almost 2 years ago by pinkrockgirl

Hey guyz!! Its pinkrockgirl again! I wanted to know if i could get some advice from some people. If u dont know already, i love music and playing my clarinet in my schools band. However my band teacher has been persistant in telling me to do marching band. I dont really want to do marching band this year because none of my friends are there and i dont think i would exactly "fit in" believe it or not. Im not that much outgoing and I get really nervous sometimes and im afraid i will hurt the rest of the band because i wouldnt be able to afford all the costs so i wouldnt go out to all the competitions and games. The marching band is really in need of more marchers and he really wants me in it. I dont want to hurt his feelings in not doing it and i dont want to hurt the band by not being there. What should i do?? Thank you everyone who helped.

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BurningEmber wrote:
2013-03-10 15:58:03 -0700

tell him that you don't think you can this year, maybe next year. you can also tell him you're really busy after school and wouldn't have time to come


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