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Posted about 2 years ago by puppydogpout

I'm alyssa. I am 13 years hobbies are singing, playing my guitar, skating.I'm single.I have 3 sisters brothers a neice Anephew.I have 3 dogs 2 snakes 5 turtles and fish. I love playing x box. On the computer. my mom is a nurse her and my dad devoriced when I was 2. my mom remarried when I was 9. My stepdad was in the millitary. His mother and grandfather. Died recently his mom on my birthday april 2 his grandfather. This year april 22 .my dogs names are pedro the youngest not 1 yet. Chico next he is 2 he is a rescue dog and blind in oneeye.cinnimin is the oldest she is 11.I like fruits and chicken and pie.

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