Why you shouldn't speak in text speak while talking to me.

Posted almost 2 years ago by saveyou

Me: How are you?

Swagrules101: Good u?

Me:Yes, the letter u is good. in fact, studies show that the letter u will one day be the ultimate ruler of earth. All the other letters will burn in a fiery pit of doom
The world will rejoice at the sit of his awesomeness. There is no stopping U, U is epic, U will rise to the top as the ultimate. The letter A does not like this- But the letter A is the weakest letter. Actually. Now that I think about it, U is bad. I hope that the allies T, W and Y will stop the evil powers of the evil U

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SekaiHeiwa wrote:
2013-11-02 16:16:02 -0700

- laughing hysterically -

Diamond543 wrote:
2013-03-17 15:48:25 -0700

Oh my gosh, this made my day!


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